Meet my Work

Meet the Squad

These people are my heart. My life blood. Honestly some of my best friends. When I was low, they picked me up, and in return, I gave them everything I had. Here’s some more pictures of the squad. Captions at the bottom. Keep an eye out on these poets. The going places, I promise. Now,Continue reading “Meet the Squad”

The Long 2

Here are some of my favorite memories, and I guess the highlight poem of the summer. I guess. Prolly not. I spit it enough to find a video tho. Spat? is the future tense of spit, spat? Cause gross. This lil poem below is kinda choppy. Kind long. My performance changes pretty much every time,Continue reading “The Long 2”


My Poetry Journey Started out my Freshman year of College. I was kinda a loner. I didn’t have any friends, or an interest in making any. I was learning my way around a new city, and a new environment. It was a new beginning, and I was about to waste it. One of my classesContinue reading “Beginnings”

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