Meet the Squad

These people are my heart. My life blood. Honestly some of my best friends. When I was low, they picked me up, and in return, I gave them everything I had. Here’s some more pictures of the squad. Captions at the bottom. Keep an eye out on these poets. The going places, I promise.

L-R Row 1- Rin Faith (@rinthewriter), Luna X (@chill.luna), Ta’Mia King (@ta_mianicole)

Row 2- Taylor Marshall (@_taymarsh_), Dakota Smith (@2.18_am), JB (Jonathan Beech)

Row 3/4- Bronx (@bronxdaboogie), Z (@manzili_asabi) , Ebony (@ebonynoivory2020), Naz (@roman.godd), and our Advisor, Krosswords (@krosswordz)

That was some of the OG’s. For the most part, they showed up pretty consistently. But life happens, school happens, all sorts of things pop up. Towards the end, the regulars looked slightly different than the pictures above.

Now, the new generation of Aggie Live is fresh, exciting, and ready to take on the future. They have the support of dozens of people behind them, and nowhere to go but up. Meet the new Aggie Live E-Board.

(L-R) James (President), Kristine (Secretary), Jayda (Treasurer), Bria (Social Media), Nakylah (Social Media), Nia (Vice-President)

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