The Aggie Live Poetry Society

The Next Generation Of Greensboro Poetry

This is my pride and Joy. The Aggie Live Poetry Society started out as my brain child in April of 2018. Everyone around me told me it was a good idea. I think the original E-Board showed up to like, 4 total meetings. But they saw the vision.

We had our first practice in my friends dorm room. Five months later, we started meeting unofficially in the new student center. Later, we invaded a room next to our advisers office.

Starting Sept 29th 2018. We met every Monday and Friday for the rest of the year. No official paperwork. No recognition. Just a group of college kids, with a will to get better.

Our defining moment came in April 2019. After 7 months of work, we finally got to test ourselves against Poetry Clubs from other Schools. UNC Wordsmiths hosted a team slam against Duke Spoken Verb, and UNC Asheville, and when they got word of us, they invited us to spit as well. We weren’t official, or recognized by our school, but this was an chance to put our work up against nationally recognized poetry programs defining experiences of our growth as a group.

Below are some videos from Our Slam against UNC Chapel Hill, UNC Asheville, and Duke. Shoutout to @rinthewriter for the videos, and some other videos and pictures on the page. I’mma go thru a give her credit on individual pictures, but she took every video on our Aggie Live Poetry Youtube Channel, and she’s really dope.

Post Paperwork

After 2 semesters of meeting, and 2 summers of paperwork, the Aggie Live Poetry Society became official. Our first meeting had 40 members. It’s marked in the attendance book. Thus began a long Journey, still Mondays and Fridays, of practices and events. Performance tweaks. Writing and Editing.

In the fall semester alone, we hosted open mics, attended events on and off campus. Drove to other campuses, had other campuses come to us. We held Rap Battles, Slams, and Art Shows.

We promoted and built culture. We laughed. We argued. We gossiped. We worked. We fell apart, and put each other back together. We watched so many peoples first time on the mic. Then their second, and then third. We watched people get hooked on performing. On writing. The process, the goal, how it never ends. The constant hunt to be better today than you were yesterday.

One of the First poems of mine we ever put up on the Page
This is my Rin Bird. She is one of my faves. This poem made her father real life mad.
Another one of my poems. People like this one, I never like any of my poems for more than a month tbh. No matter how long I end up spitting them.

Our spring semester was going to be one for the books. We had been training to compete at CUPSI, (College Union Poetry Slam Invitational) for months, before the Corona Virus struck and cancelled everything. This was our official Poetry team.

We put in alot of work getting group pieces together, keeping our mentals straight, making sure our grades we’re up, and generally just improving as people and poets. With our spring plans in the trash, we’ve been working on preparing for the fall and beyond.

(Left to Right) Taylor, Rin , Krosswords (Our coach and Advisor,) Me, Nia, and James)

I’m proud to say that after 2 years, I am no longer the president of the Aggie Live Poetry Society. Several of our newer members stepped up and took E-Board positions going into the fall semester. They’re already working to make ALPS better than I ever could by myself. To have people who truly see the vision, and want to work to make improve upon it, has been, not only the culmination of my work at North Carolina A&T. But the best way that they could ever send me off into the world. Knowing that their willing to carry on the mantle, and one day, pass it to the next person.

Click the button Below to meet some of the Squad, Old and New

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