My Poetry Journey Started out my Freshman year of College. I was kinda a loner. I didn’t have any friends, or an interest in making any. I was learning my way around a new city, and a new environment. It was a new beginning, and I was about to waste it.

One of my classes was called Freshman Studies. We had to go to 2 events outside of class, in order to pass the class. The poetry slam was the only event that even remotely peaked my interest, and my professor said that if I performed at the event, that would count as both my events for the semester. I thought I was smart. And I may have been. Later that week, I spit at the show. It went well, even though I lost. I went up to the winner of the poetry slam, a girl named Jha’Mai. She introduced me to Josephus, and the rest is history.

First, I started going to their weekly workshops and writing. I made some friends, but more so I started to move around more. Move differently. Move with purpose. I started writing more. I started watching poetry. I started to grow.

At the beginning of the Summer, I made the Gate City Youth Slam Team, Then began a journey of weekly practices and sharpening poems in preparation for Brave New Voices, an international youth Poetry Competition. After months of work, we spent a week in San Francisco, where I met poets that I used to watch in my bedroom, shook hands with Rudy Francisco, and made connections that would last me a lifetime.

That experience would springboard for my dreams of becoming a famous poet, and the beginning of a New me. This poem, entitled “Circus”, is maybe the only video I even have from this entire summer.

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