The Long 2

Summer 18

My second year on the Gate City team was a fun time. It had its bumps, but looking back, I recognize it as one of the foundational years of my poetry career, and my life. I slept in several peoples living rooms. My car, a couple times. Fell in love. Out of love. (Drake dropped Scorpion. my life was a mess. It was awesome). I met great people. (4th picture is my second time seeing Jasmine mans. This is the closest I allow myself to fangirling. Look her up.)

Here are some of my favorite memories, and I guess the highlight poem of the summer. I guess. Prolly not. I spit it enough to find a video tho. Spat? is the future tense of spit, spat? Cause gross.

This lil poem below is kinda choppy. Kind long. My performance changes pretty much every time, but this is what it is. I hope you enjoy.

Also, I don’t have hella photo credits for these shots. Doug took the video. Josephus and Duane’s Photographers got some, I’m in all or most of them. And pretty much never post anything. So, I feel like I have some sort of right to collage my life one good time. But, this is probably the only place you’ll see me post some of these. Some of these getting thrown up again occasionally tho. No lie. That’s my picture credits for this page.

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