Hausson Byrd

Poet, Writer, Performer, Activist, Host, Event Coordinator, Organizer, Facilitator

The World of Poetry is truly a beautiful place.

I started really writing in 2016. Watching poets on youtube, studying different syles, and subject matters. Seeing what I liked, and what I didn’t. I Became a student of the game before I played a minute. I saw Rudy Francisco on Jimmy Fallon a few years after I shook his hand at my first poetry convention. That showed me how far my words could take me, if I truly committed to them. People always ask me what I want to be when I grow up. These days I meander, before telling them I’m really already doing it. Getting to express myself on stage, tell my story. Getting to touch peoples hearts and souls, and actually see the impact I make. Putting together shows and events, and creating experiences that the community can enjoy. Teaching my peers, children, and adults alike how to express themselves clearly and creatively. This life of mine is a dream come true. This site is my way of sharing just a piece of it with you. Welcome.

Building Culture on Campus

You could call the Aggie Live Poetry Society the new kids on the block in Greensboro. I promise we the best show in town though…

It takes a village

At this point, Aggie Live wouldn’t be where it is without everyone working behind the scenes that believes in the vision. Check out the Squaaaad

Welcome to Me

A few of my early moments, with some videos sprinkled in for your enjoyment.


Come see what the Circus is all about.

My First Book

Kinda like your first Easy Bake Oven, except way Darker. I bet this has more flavor tho..

Summer 18

Aestically, one of the best summers of my life. Realistically, I can do better.

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